Our Music

Darria Yeager - the exceptional vocalist 

Derrick Moore - the guitar notes 

Ryan Alligood - the bass notes 

Milan Jarman - keepin' the beat


"eclectic folk rock with a slight bit of funk jazz americana blues"

 Music with roots. Music with a backbone. Music with passion. Originating in a coffee shop as a father/daughter duo, Darria Yeager and Derrick Moore began playing cafe’s, sidewalks, and open mic’s from New Bern to New Hampshire.  Now with bassist Ryan Alligood and drummer Milan Jarman, the sound travels to a whole new level and expands the range of this dynamic group.

Our purpose is to share our love of live music, to create an atmosphere that encourages friendships and good times, and to encourage fellow musicians to do the same. 

We are a folk rock band, an indie rock band, an eclectic roots jazz funk blues band, and a band that drives each other to discover new sounds and styles of musical expression. 

-Caffeinated Soul Boogie