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It pretty much started with a polka dot dress and an archtop guitar.

It pretty much started with a polka dot dress and an archtop guitar. Four years ago, Darria was a barista at Rachel K’s Bakery in downtown Washington. She had just graduated high school and wanted to sing her style of music that summer before going off to college. She gave me a short list of songs to learn and it didn’t take long for our own style of music to take shape. The bakery suggested we play the sidewalk on the Friday and Saturday nights of the Summer Festival. We only had six or eight songs, we played them over and over since the crowd constantly revolved around the downtown events. We figured that was a one-time thing, but soon after, other sidewalk events emerged. A year later we moved to New Bern, a music town, and new opportunities of sidewalks and open mics abounded. Caffeinated Soul Boogie became a thing. Four years later we’re still at it, now a four-piece band, and have had many opportunities to make new sounds, new music, and new friends. It’s just been a natural process, with no agenda, deadline, or expectations, it just goes where it wants to go. You’d be surprised what a polka dot dress and an archtop guitar can do.  -Derrick

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